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“Tiffany is a must for any professional seeking to create or update their resume – she delivered outstanding work. Recommended to other professionals in my network.” Brandon – Nashville, TN

“Tiffany was extremely fast, timely to respond and created a FANTASTIC resume for me. I immediately received feedback from recruiters the same day she updated my LinkedIn.” Amanda – Santa Monica, CA

“Tiffany was fantastic to work with and did a great job on my resume. Will definitely hire again.” Ronald – New York, NY

“Tiffany helped me prepare for a high-stakes scholarship interview. She was incredibly responsive and did in-depth research about the program to understand all facets of it. Her mock interviews instilled the confidence in me that allowed me to do incredibly well in the real interview, earning me a spot in a competitive university program that will serve as the springboard to my academic and professional success.” Travis – Nashville, TN

“Tiffany handled my project extremely professionally, she was quick, responsive and understood my requirements. The end result was amazing. Tiffany is also very knowledgeable in global CV requirements and quick to find local requirements. She is also great at advising and providing high quality feedback.” Avi – Brussels, Belgium

“Tiffany was just who I needed when starting up my job search after a number of years at the same position. She re-vamped my resume, and wrote a cover letter for me. Her coaching calls were incredibly helpful. It was great to get advice and insight from someone with so much HR experience.” Charlotte – Boston, MA

“Tiffany was great to work with. She gave my resume and LinkedIn account a much-needed makeover. She was very responsive and gave great advice on what is needed to be noticed by recruiters today. Thanks Tiffany!” Jordan – Toronto, Canada

“Tiffany was great to work with, and I credit her work on my cover letter for landing me a job quickly! I would not hesitate to recommend her.” Martyn – Edinburgh, Scotland

“My CV looks so much more professional now! She would only include things that would make you a stand-out on your resume! Every sentence is purposefully worded and placed with an intention. If you are second guessing on the price, I must assure you that it is certainly worth the investment. The few hundred bucks is nothing compared to getting your dream job! Tiffany is extremely patient, attentive, empathetic and exceptionally skilled. I’m so glad I managed to work with her on my CV and the coaching session. I can’t thank you enough, Tiffany!” MingNu – Shanghai City, China


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