Tiffany Franklin has been a career coach since 1998, guiding over 6,000 job seekers of all levels and industries through the finer points of a job search. She currently works as Associate Director for Career Services at an Ivy League university where she helps freshmen through Ph.Ds. and alumni with all aspects of their career search.

Tiffany has been featured as a career expert on Glassdoor (7 Signs You're CEO Material) and has served as one of the designated career consultants for Vanderbilt University Alumni since 2014.

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In 2011, Tiffany launched her executive coaching business and has helped hundreds of clients, ranging from recent grads to those with 30 years of experience, mid-level career changers and everything in between. Her clients are based around the globe and are from industries including consulting, finance, IT, engineering, healthcare, entertainment, communications, public affairs, and criminal justice.

Previously, she worked as a Recruiter for the largest creative staffing firm in the country. Tiffany provided candidates to Fortune 500 companies including a major search engine company and a social media company in Silicon Valley, in addition to a major media company in New York and Philadelphia. She collaborated with hiring managers on a daily basis and gained a deeper understanding of what they seek in applicants. In a given month, Tiffany conducted numerous interviews and reviewed hundreds of resumes, cover letters and portfolios of job seekers, thus she knows which qualities stand out to recruiters.

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