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Tiffany J. Franklin, M.S. Ed.

When people talk about job searches, you often hear resumes, interviews, and job postings mentioned because these are tangible elements of the process, yet work values are often overlooked. When coaching clients, I urge them to take some time and think about what they value in a job. For example, is location most important to you because of a spouse or do you need a certain salary to meet your financial obligations? While these are often the most common ones you hear, there are an array of other work values to consider such as the importance you place on

• Helping Society
• Working in a team
• Influencing People
• Artistic Creativity
• Adventure
• Independence
• Time Schedule

For a complete list, check out this work values exercise and determine which 4-5 are most important to you. There are no right or wrong answers here and the order of these may change as your life circumstances evolve, for instance being single vs. having a family. Try this exercise at the beginning of your job search to ensure you apply to jobs which embody these qualities and then look at your list again as you choose between offers.

Tiffany Franklin is an executive career coach who works with clients of all levels with resume overhauls, cover letters, LinkedIn updates, mock interviews, and career exploration. To learn more, email her at and connect at

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